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I previously said my praises to the Basilo (which I didn't check for spelling errors. Oops.) However, ever since taming a Tuso after so long, it reinvigorated my love for it. Update on the King of the Sea: the Tuso blows the Basilo out of the water. Sure it doesn't regen crazy amounts of health at the surface, but it does when attacking creatures in its grip. Sure it doesn't have a resistance to Jellyfish stings, but it has such a long reach that it will almost never be stung. And finally, it may not be able to grip onto the Basilo, but it isn't an issue. Taming wise, just let the Tuso grab onto whatever creature you have, then swim to its beak and feed it black pearls. It is annoying, but at least it doesn't take hundreds of tranqs to knock out. It is still a good idea to get the Basilo, but get a Tuso as well, for this is the true King of the Ocean.

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