If you want to tame this Small Apex Predator in the redwoods and dunguens then heres a tip for ya! ;')

For PC and consle users:

Step 1: Cryopod some of your throw away creatures and get some good armor like journeyman or ramshackle flak and chitin armor and also a sheild would be recomended. (Troodon can only be found on The Island,Centre,and Abberation, There also found in dunguens in mobile!)

Step 2: Go to redwoods. Make sure you have a torch if you arrive at the dead of night because theyre scared of light (Use a fast creature to use before night like a Griffin,Pt (Max Stam, Max Speed, Max HP)

Step 3: Un-Cryopod your useless creatures like (Low lvl Dinos, Trash Stat Dinos) and then put your flyer somewhere safe were terror birds, carnos, and other aggresive creatures

Step 3: Put your useless creatures on neutral or it needs to be unridden (The higher lvl the troodon the more tames youll need to sacrafice)

Step 4: You got a troodon . Thanks for looking at my guide!!!

Now hered taming one in PC the "Effecient Way".

Step 1: Make a small taming trap for the troodon (The building matierial needs to be Stone Tier since Troodons can break wood and thatch tier)

Step 2: Lead your high level troodon in your trap (Make sure you already hatched the baby before sacraficing it or the troodon will De-Spawn)

Step 3: Make sure the parrents of the baby needs to be high lvl like a lvl 100+ creature then bring your baby to the trap then wait for the troodon to kill it this will be a pain to see though BUTT you tamed a noice torpor inflicting friend.

Mobile Users:

Step 1: Be prepared for getting a troodon (Eerie Varriant) Get your armor ascendant flak armor are very important on going to a dunguen then go to your TEK Terminal or a random obelisk

Step 2: enter a dunguen (youll need amber or 0 amber to enter a duguen also make sure that the dunguen picture has to have a troodon or maybe not idk)

Step 3: Kill all the stages until you get a Troodon stage, finish the stage and collect the high lvl troodon implants, and leave the low lvls behind (If your at easy mode then collect the lvl 45 or the higher lvl troodon like 20 above average)

Step 4: Complete the dunguen, Then go to your obelisk or Revival Platform (Make sure the obelisk or taming platform has to have walls so the troodon cant go to the water in the obelisks and for the troodon to go around your base kicking the BUTT of your Tribemates or tamed creatures

Step 5: Do the same "Effeciant Tecnique" that i said on PC or sacrafice your Trashy creatures.

Thanks for looking at all of this! And hope this helps! πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€πŸ˜„πŸ™‚

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