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For the best lvl when taming get a male and a female wyvern (both the same type and try to get lower lvl ones) breed them and gat a few eggs. When you hatch the eggs don't feed the babies unless you must. Keep them away from troughs and hope that they starve. For the taming pen make a 6 by 6 square with stone floors then use stone door frames as walls. You only need to go one up with the doorframes but to be safe you might want to turn it into a small room so that if the wyvern can't fly out. Find a troodon and drop it into the pen with an argy or a griffin then get a wyvern and get it down to a low health (40 is probably best) put it in the pen and get the troodon to agro onto it. Make sure the wyvern is on neutral and you are not riding it (lost 5 wyverns while testing things out so don't do those) I've heard that it's best to tame them at night but i haven't tried it yet so i can't say much. When you have your troodon enjoy your new friend!

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