How to raise a good trilobite

1. Taming the trilobite is completely optional when it comes to these guys. But this is a taming tip

2. (Optional) locate there dossier inside the chitin cave on the island ( I have no idea where the dossier is on any other map just google it)

3. You need to either have a pc or consule because they aren’t tameable on mobile or switch

4. Unlock the fish basket Ingram and find your future friend

5. Place the fish basket over them and put meat inside(fish meat)

6. When trapped realise them

7. They eat berries when tamed I think

8. They don’t serve a use when tamed just to be a background character in an aquarium.

9. Tame more than 1 so it won’t get lonely

10. Just show the thing that you care about it

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