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Definitely a tame to get in early or Midgame Lvl 30-60. if you still haven't got any good stuff or strong companions to protect yourself then you should probably get a triceratops. This thing is a beast. A tanky killing machine. I was able to dominate the whole island than I can't before. When I got this beast, it carried my in-game progress, I leveled up faster because I can kill everything except those Spinos and other Stronger dinos. Your survival rate is higher with this beast on Medium difficulty island. The areas like Swamps and at the Large trees is a no problem for you. If you get a high level Of this guy like 70-100, dominate everything you want. Put alotta points in health and melee and Mount this bad boy and spam attacks on the dangerous monsters you encounter on some areas, you'll be safe. (Avoid Spino, Dire bear, Alpha Dinos, Etc.) Lastly, Don't be confident to who you charging at. (Up for newbies to see.)

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