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Trikes offer a few abilities, a basic trot that uses stamina, a charge attack that uses stamina and can be charged which you can use to run down groups or lines of trees for fast thatch and wood gathering and quick Trike exp, and a head swing that applies a knockback that you can use rapid fire when you press and hold the right side of your screen or the action icon if you use the button layout.

The charge attack when fully charged or almost fully charged will stun any target hit and will slow them as its wearing off.

It takes 8.5 seconds to fully charge which can be activated prematurely with various lvs of speed and utility depending on how long you wait before activating the charge, to cancel the charge just run into something like a living target or a rock or double tap the right side of the screen or tap the action button to perform a head swing stopping the charge.

The Trike at higher lvs is extremely useful as you can fend off attacks from almost any Dino you come across including a t Rex without sustaining any damage if you time the head swings properly.

Some dinos will focus on you while you are saddled, the Theri predator is pointless to remain on the Trike saddle if it's attacking as it will hit you and dismount you, just dismount and let your Trike be a tank while your Trike attacks it and you hide to the left or right of your Trike's body while shooting the Theri.

Any flying Dinos will target you while mounted but can be hit with the head swing if timed right and the Trike's head is pointed close enough to the flying Dino to hit. Exception is the Argentavis which will usually fly pretty close to the ground when attacking allowing you to easily keep hitting it with your Trike's head swing.

It stands to reason that using your Trike to kill a Megaladon isn't recommended even though it CAN work if done right and only works if it's in front of you or close enough to the head to get hit with the head swing and this only works close enough to shore where the Megaladon can't circle you, get under you, or get above you.

It's not recommended to fight most water dinos with the Trike unless you can do so basically from the shallows.

A few land dinos to avoid attacking or just avoid unless you know you can win, deodicarus, Ankylo, the turtle as it usually has much more hp than your trike at the same, lower, or slightly higher lv while not being knocked back much by the head swing, the raptors, any dino with a longer attack range, any other Dino that resists or ignores knockbacks, the Allosaurus, the Giga (both the Predator and the Herbivore whose names start with Giga) the herbivore Giga because it has a longer attack range, does more damage while applying a very far knockback, and at just about any lv has far more Hp per lv than any Trike. My lv 412 Trike has 8.5k hp, the Giga at anywhere near lv 40 can easily have 15k+ hp wild and however much you have put into it if tamed which I highly recommend pouring ALL stats into hp and weight but more like 80% hp and maybe 20% weight, if you want more attack then 65% hp, 20% attack and 15% attack. Avoid attacking a Titanosaur for what should be obvious reasons unless you enjoy dying in 2 seconds flat at basically any lv if on any close range Dino. There is a longer list but I'm done typing for now.

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