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Triceratops dossier:

Triceratops are very strong. While they might look like easy game, don’t underestimate them. You’ll just get beaten to the death. That is, unless you climb a rock. Then you’ll just rot away up there. Use them as distractions to carnivores.


These are very slow but mighty pets to have. They protect you, but it’s better to have a pack of trikes or a pack of different tamed animals. I have two raptors (Raptory V [the fifth] and Raptorsaurus II [the second]), a trike (Triceratops-level die), an iguanadon (Iguana), a carboneys (Carbony), a parasaur (Parasaphugus), and two dilos (I forgot their names because I left them in cages). It killed a Rex. My animals did that. I’m so proud. Sorry it’s so long, but I had to tell you.

Up = New respect for trikes (they are awesome)

Down = You are my new enemy. Just do up.

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