The dossier says dark caves but I have photographic evidence of them in the jungles. Their found in abundance in the swamps, and uncommonly in the jungles, so keep your eye open. They spawn literally where you would expect to see a snake. Stimulants are goof if you get bit because these guys will knock you out quick and kill you. To my knowledge it's not worth taming these snakes as they have an annoying version of passive taming that requires you to drop an egg near them so they can eat it. It's honestly easier to steal their eggs and kill them. Thankfully their not too difficult to kill as long as you shoot them in the head. A few head shots from a bow should do the job. I personally like snakes, but I'm not going to go through the trouble of taming one of these dudes just so it can die to an oversized seagull. Part of me is disappointed that this boa dosnt constrict its prey like it should have. Instead it's just an oversized viper

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