I just figured something out that might prove vital for taming these. If you go to the cave that contains The Artifact Of The Hunter and bait these guys into the water, just kill off the ones that aren’t near to the bottom of the waterpool that they end up in. They seem to become pacified by the water, meaning you can get as close to them as you want now, and they won’t get angry at you for doing so anymore (provided you stay IN THE WATER, level up oxygen stats) This also means you can now drop a fertilized egg near them without having to worry about getting knocked out. They will become angry again if you try to leave the water, however. So it would be best to level up oxygen or bring a Diplocaulus before attempting, to avoid prematurely drowning and withering away before the snake has been tamed. I noticed it spent extended periods in the water, which means it lacks the oxygen stat, so I’ll ready a batch of fertilized eggs and report back once I can get a result. As a warning to players unaware of caves or Titanoboas in general, I’d advise you not attempt this due to a few factors. A: The snakes are highly aggressive and will tranquilize you with their attack. B: They require you to drop fertilized eggs near them, and most of the eggs needed come from creatures that are dangerous to tame, and C: The caves generally have plenty more dangers to worry about, especially if you rely on your armor, tames and consciousness to keep you alive. With that being said, you likely do NOT want to attempt what I’m about to do until you have a pinch better quality equipment and have leveled a bit better.

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