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Once I had a Thyla. Her name was Bandit. She had 12,420 HP. She was only lvl 24. I took her absolutely everywhere! Nothing could stop us. Until the dreadful day...

Me and her were climbing up the Sandstone Peak things in the center of Scorched Earth. There was a dip in the stone just ahead of us. I blew right up to it, landing gracefully, only a tiny climb up to the peak. I jumped, only to realize with terror Bandit was stuck. I twisted, jumped, chomped, to no prevail. I dismounted and punched her, attempting to drive her back. I whistled her follow and turned on Creative, floating out for her to follow. Nothing. I spawned a wyvern and tried picking her up. Still nothing. To this day (it was about a month ago) she’s still stuck.


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