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Easily the most useful creature I've ever tamed.

They are absolute beasts at everything. Jacks of all trades. And more.

They run faster than wolves and sabertooths, they have a weight stat that rivals rexes and mammoths, their health can be pushed higher than any wolf or saber as well, and can gather chitin/keratin at ridiculous amounts per kill, their damage rivals wolves and sabers, can knock down trees in 1-2 hits, they have what seems to be a nearly infinite stamina pool once levelled a few times, can climb any vertical surface in the wild and almost all built structures, can pounce from vertical surfaces to disable/damage mid to small-sized creatures, and can jump vertically, nearly 4 walls high making escapes easy; the list goes on.

70+ pelt per rhino. 70+ chitin per scorpion.

Just .. be careful. Be wary when you walk/fly into the redwoods.

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