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Metal farming with a friend in the forest .... don’t know what forest it was (since I’m still a noob) ... was really slow while walking coz my weight carrying capacity is pretty low ( new to the game.... kind of ) .... Got a sword in hand tho , my good friend gave it to me since she’s really good ... feeling confident , walking through the dark forest ! Raptor attacks me , I start swinging my sword in the air , somehow kill it .... feeling even more confident ! I wander off since I forget where home is .... THYLA-BITCH-COLEO runs towards me , what do I do first ? I scream for help , I scream like a little girl and start swinging my sword , remember , whilst screaming as loud as I can ! After a few hits , I manage to kill the guy ! See a hyena running towards me (probably had the entire pack around there somewhere ) ... Luckily my friend came along with Ally (her big carnivorous Dino) and scared them off .... Loving this game 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️

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