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As I was Flying around the area between redwood forest and swamp minding my own business trying to find a cave or mountain for crystal and obsidian and landed for stamina on my ptera, Silent P, into a bush (I was a noob at this point) and wandered what that cute little tiger was doing up on a tree like a ninja. Afew feet before landing It 1) knocked me of my ptera 2) killed it 3) aggroed a 57 carno 4) carno knocked me off cliff onto water 5) I killed carno 6) friend joined 7) we killed carno ( I killed it bc he's even more of a noob) 8) all of my tools and weapons broke 9) we struggle to fight sleeping and snakes with our picks 10) both died a horrible death do to the fro king crackhead name Thylacoleo. *RIP Silent P*

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