I never fly or walk into the redwoods because i lost a lot of loot and good tames to those beasts! I have found ways to avoid getting killed by these if you ever had to go to the redwoods :

-- wear a strong armor (flak works just great)

-- get a couple of strong tames or one strong tame (Giga, rex, therizino, etc) with you so that if you get ambushed by a thyla they'll kill it!

-- i would strongly recommend having a shotgun with high damage or any ascendant weapon that could kill the thyla in seconds

-- use stegos (they have the dismount prevention buff)

-- shooting the thylas with a net projectile could work (with a harpoon launcher)

-- increase your health so that you'll last longer when facing a thyla

i hope this helps you out, this also works with any other dismounting creatures (purlovias, kapros, microraptors, ect...)

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