My hate for these guys is immeasurable

It all started when I played ark for the first time, I had managed to tame a high level tapejara and absolutely love him. I named him Barry and we set off on many adventure exploring the island. On day I was just flying through the redwoods and usual taunting the carnivores below me for not being able to touch me. BAM the thylacolia jumped out the trees and ripped me off Barry. Barry was whistled on nuetral and as he came down to aid me a desperately tried to get him on passive, but I was panicking, my screen shook as I was terrified as this was my first encounter of one. I tried to punch it but I inevitably died. I respawned and immediately got on my pteradon but just as I got on the saw the message in big red letters that Barry had fallen to the thylacoleo.

My Barry rest in peace

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