The most safe way to tame thylas is go to crystals isles scorched earth and ragnarock where the spawn in the desert it makes it sooo much easier because they can’t rip you of your saddle I just moved to ragnarock from crystal isles today. So far on ragnarock I have tamed 5 in the space of about 4-5 hours yesterday I tamed two in the space of about 7 hours (on crystal isles) the day before I tamed 1 in the space of 9 hours so I got 8 in three days and the best plase to go for high level thylas in the savanna on ragnarock the ones I tamed today were all 130+ they are all great my best I got yesterday I named him Garfield he is 223 he has 10000 hp 664 melee 2000 stamina and is just a overall weapon I really need to get a better saddle because he is the best so he deserves the best I hope everyone finds there dream thyla like I did and I hope you enjoy the as much as I do:)

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