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Allow me to share a series of unfortunate events because…

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Allow me to share a series of unfortunate events because of an encounter I just had with a murder koala cat. I’m flying through the redwoods with my Ptera going to tame an argy. But I forgot the resources for the trap so I decide to find a doedic. I have a bad encounter with some allosaurs so I decide to call the whole thing off. As I’m flying out of the woods a thyla spots me and pounces me. I manage to kill it but it threw me into an area with microraptors, so they stun me and I wait. I get back on my ptera and fly away. In a really pretty area next to the swamp and redwoods I park my ptera. Unbeknownst to me, a micro followed me and stunned me. I wait till stun is over and then it flys down a cliff and my ptera follows it (it’s in neutral) and there is a spino rushing towards it. I run down the cliff and die. Partially my fault but if not for the thyla pushing me into the micros then one chasing me to a spino I’d be alive. Fortunately I got my stuff back and my ptera survived. 🙂

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