King of the Mountain

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King of the Mountain

Part 1

Diablo was king for a reason. Not just because Mei-yin Li had named his father the Demon King, but because he lived up to that name. All other creature would flee in terror upon sight of him coming down the mountain, and any who fought back would end up as an appetizer, even the mighty Titanosaur would fall to his strength. All was good, he ruled over the island from the peak of the volcano, keeping the Tek Cave safe, and overall just having a peaceful life. Now, of course, he still needed other enforcement over the parts of the island he couldn’t be in, so he commanded the rexes for the grasslands, thylacoleo in the redwoods, yutyrannus in the Arctic, and spinosaurus over the swamp. The Argentavis would send orders to them, and they would enforce his will. But one day, an Argy came back with a report that changed the history of the island, forever.

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