King of the Mountain

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King of the Mountain

Part 2

The Argentavis flew to the peak, nervous for his life, as Diablo was not the most cool-headed Dino on the island. He landed at the top of Far’s Peak and looked up at the towering beast before him. “Speak.” Said Diablo. “My lord?” The Argent said, “ There has been a um, ‘development’ in the south, near the Southern Islets?” “What is it?” “Now, um, I’m not sure what I saw exactly what it was, maybe a crossbreed between a monkey and a gorilla? Or maybe a-“ “You know what it is. Now spit it out.” Diablo demanded. “A human! South of the redwoods and swamp, it took down a few of our scouts that tried getting closer to it out of the redwoods, and it seems to have a fort just above the river that leads to the swamp.”

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