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When attempting to tame one of these bad boys, make sure you have at least a crossbow. My tribes mate and eye tried to knock it out with a set of journey man bows and it took like 100 tranq arrows. To actually get it down before it shreds you just simply get on a steep slope or rock and shoot it. Make sure you have a fast mount because if it starts to run, it will run fast! When it's down, try to create wooden spikes to build around it to keep it safe, it's going to be a long tame. Make sure you have plenty of narcotics as the amount it says on here isn't always right. I tamed a lvl 5 therizino and it took over 300 narcotics.... not the amount it said. This guy has a very low torpor so you need to stick with it and either kibble it or use crops,berrys or mejos. After taming the therizino will become your Rex killing, rare flower and fibre gathering beaver that tickles you with its fingers.

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