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Looking to tame a Tickle Chicken! Welcome! Before we start, let's get packing!


-Knockout ammo (Tranq Arrows/ Darts or Shocking Tranq Darts)

-Knockout weapon(Bows, Crossbows, or Longnecks)

-Taming food(Mejoberries, Crops or its prefered Kibble)

-Lots of Biotoxin/ Narcotics

Now that you're all ready, let's get to taming!

Here are methods that you can use:

METHOD 1: Trapping

This is the most classic of all methods. Here is what you will need:

-Stone Foundations (4-9x), Stone Doorframes (Depends on how much foundations you're using) and Wooden Ramps(Depends on how much foundations you're using)

Now that the trap is built, lure the theri into the trap! (Make sure to use a flyer like a RG or PT, as theris are quite fast) After this, shoot down the theri and feed it your taming food. Make sure to be careful as their torpor drains rather quick so regularly feed it the biotoxin/narcotics you have packed. After a load of time and patience, name your newly tamed Theri and enjoy your Vegan Rex(or Tickle Chicken if you prefer)!

METHOD 2: The Cheap Method

This method is extremely cheap. Get onto a high rock or cliff where the Theri can't reach you and start shooting it down. When it starts running, chase it down. It may be a little annoying but you will eventually knock it out! After it's knocked out, just like the first method, make sure to feed it your biotoxin or narcotics from time to time(Also watch out for Raptors, they are a thing)! Wait a while and voila! Enjoy your new Vegan Rex/ Tickle Chicken and congratulate yourself!

Now, here are the utilities of the Theri:

The Theris have three attacks for gathering different items (They are also sometimes called the King Gatherer)

-The Bite Attack

-The Delicate Attack

-The Claw Attack

NOTE: There are different names for it online, but these are what I call them.

These attacks deal great damage and also gather a wide variety of items. A unique thing about the Theri's attacks is that they can damage both the mount and rider if you're on a PVP server (Tadaaa!!!)! They are also fast and are great mounts, with good health, attack and speed. The saddle is unlocked at level 69 (;) ) and is not too expensive!

That about sums up this guide. Thank you for reading and make sure to leave some feedback if there are any inaccuracies! Also make sure to check out my other tips which you may find helpful (I will list the most recent tip other than this down below) and happy taming!


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