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Idk why i find these guys cute there’s defo something wrong with me.



Theris are aggressive, only if you approach within touching distance or hit them first. The Explorer notes are slightly misleading, saying that they are full aggro. Basically just don’t bother them and they chill.


The easiest way to tame a Theri is through a trap (search one on YouTube or just use one with metal billboards) BUT be wary as those long claws can slice through thatch and wood! KEEP IN MIND that they are herbivores (idk how because they go on rampages) so make sure you have berries on hand or it’s favourite exceptional Kibble at hand. AND make sure to bring a plethora or narcotics/biotoxin as torpor SUCKS.


Theris are the ultimate gatherers, having 3 different attacks, each gathering different things. The primary attack, which utilises the claws, is good for damaging enemies and clearing areas while also getting wood. It mainly harvests meat from corpses. The secondary attack, which is a bite, is extremely useful for gaining hide from corpses and berries from bushes. The tertiary attack, or, as I like to call it, the tickle attack, literally is the Theri just tickling. This does DOT (damage over time) during the animation, landing a few hits, and is extremely useful for fiber and thatch.

That just about does it for this tutorial, if you would like more please use the arrow to the sky! (This is my first tutorial btw)

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