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The easy way to tame on of these: The 2 Easiest ways to tame.

Way 1:

What to pack for each way: (Both way one and 2)

•1 Crossbow or Longneck rifle

•100 - 200 tranq arrows just to be safe or 50-100 tranq darts (You can do less but not recommend)

•200-300 narcotics (You can pack less but the minimum is 70)

•Depending if it’s a low level or not 200-400 berries or 20-50 of it’s preferred kibble

Way 2 exclusive items to tame with: (trap method)

•15 stone foundations

•about 10-15 stone doorways

•Dinosaur gateway

How to tame on a cliff side:

Equip the longneck rifle or crossbow

Aim it at the theri

Shoot until unconscious

Feed narcotics and berries or kibble until tamed

How to tame on a flat surface:

Put all the stone foundations down (If it’s too small craft more)

Put the doorways down on the foundation

Then, put the gateway down

Lure the theri in (be careful theris are fast)

Close the gateway, knock it out and feed it narcotics and kibble or berries until it’s tamed.

If this helped I’m really happy!


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