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Dear the MF who called out ‘Your Average Mobile Ark Player’ for having an “NPC” way of taming a theri,

you must be out of your GD MIND and on some freaking rare mushrooms if you think that you’re in any place to be clowning on us for trying to tame smt with 0.875 rates and a dream bc yes, we have easier ways to gather and make narcotics and yes, our traps are super simple, but don’t for a SECOND think that your gaming chair, mouse-abusing fat butt is in any place to call his methods “NPC”. Frankly, YOU should be the one taking those narcotics because I don’t feel like living in the same f$&@ing continent with your inconsiderate ass.

Very sincerely, shyguy5432 ( Also known as your eventual cause of death )

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