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Hello everyone! here’s a quick way to trap these birdies…

STEP1: Craft 4 stone Dino gates along with 4 doors and one big bear trap ( theri’s can walk through the doorframes)

STEP2: Place 3 stone gates in a U shape like this \_/ Then place the doors inside them.

STEP3: Place a big bear trap inside the \_/ trap then lure the Dino into it.

STEP4: Once the Dino is stuck in bear trap place the last stone gate right behind him along with the door so he’s trapped and Shoot Tranq darts FIERCELY!

STEP5: Make sure to bring A LOAD of either narcotics or Narcoberries. The higher the level of the theri the more you’ll need. Tame with KIBBLE or MEJOBERRIES.

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