Not too difficult to tame, just time consuming, but one of the best harvesters for wood and Fibre - level power harvesting for an end to your wood problems, or delicate for an end to your Fibre ones. Tame a low level flyer e.g. ptera (hint: bola). Make a 2x2x2 or 2x3x2 stone trap using foundations and door frames and on one side of trap put stone stairs and switch to ramp. Fly around it to lure it toward trap (ramp). Once in trap just shoot with tranq arrows and bow or crossbow (just bring some resource to repair if bow breaks or use nearby). Then just need crops or mejoberries AND like 9-12 stacks narcoberries even for 150 lvl, this should work (hint: useful to bring a parasaur or trike to help harvest and store berries you'll need to top up while taming). After the grind you have a monster chicken at your command.

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