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(how to tame)

What do you need:

- 3x large bear trap

- 30 (or more) tranq arrows

- crossbow

- 100x narco

- 500x narcoberry

- 100x biotoxin

- 100x longrass (or other)

How to tame in steps:

- find a theri

- place all traps in a row that way, so when you'll hit him he will run at it (it should Look like this:

Theri - > OOO you)

- shot a theri that way, so he will stuck in first trap

- shot a theri with more Arrows

- when its sleeping give longrass and sleeping stuff

- watch carefully and be sure it wont wake up (drain torpor is high, it will awake quickly)

- Good Job! You own a theri. Now take it home.

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