use the raft hack to tame this creature...,just build a raft and put 3 wood foundation on raft next put 3 wood ceiling next to the wood foundations (it supposed to look like rectangle shape if you view it above next put wooden doorframe 2 heights on outer parts of the wooden base its supposed to look like a cage now next put 4 wood ramps on the side(this is where youll lure it to the tip approach it..if it roars then run directly to the ramp and go to the cage(he will follow you) now he is stuck make sure you dont go near the cage or that creature will destroy it next grab your bow and tranq arrow then shoot it at a medium distance(dont shoot it when your too close)if you succesfully put it unconscious then drive the raft to your base.....(if you have mortar and pestle in your base then craft narcotics about 200 narcotics)....there feed it mejoberries or other berries if the unconsciousness drops feed it narcotics.....and there you go you can tame it up and have a "T-rex rival" wannabe

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