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It’s ok to be afraid of these guys, if u wanna tame them however, you are gonna have to be a bit brave. Put your tame(s) on passive, grab your weapon of choice + ammo, 16 stone pillars and a large bear trap. Using 7 of your pillars, snap each in place with one spot left empty (For the theriz to enter). Place another 7 on top of your current pillars (so there’s two “layers”) and place the large bear trap somewhere in the middle, comfortably away from the edges of the trap. Now get your theriz. You can snipe it or punch it to agro, whatever is comfortable for you, and run to your trap. Run immediately behind the trap so the theriz runs right into the middle and gets caught in the bear trap (if it loses agro just shoot it and it should run over) . Swiftly move around to the back and place your last two pillars down, one on top of the other, walling the theriz in. Stay away from the trap edges and start tranqing the theriz. Stay calm and keep a slow but steady rate of tranqs. As soon as it’s knocked out, pause the game and take a breather, you have done the hardest part, now, just put in your food and tranqs and monitor it’s progress.

Well what are you waiting for?! Stop reading this and go tame it! You can do it!

Sincerely, a wholesome gamer :)

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