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How to tame a theri (Therizinosaurs) 1 Collect tranqs and get a ton of narcotics or biotoxin. 2 Make a trap with two reinforced Dino gates and 4 reinforced Dino gateways 3 Check how many berries or kibble you need to tame it also check how many tranqs you need (Get a few more than you need just in case) 4 Find a theri (Therizinosaurs) 5 Place the trap with the gates at the end (Place all the gateways) 6 lead it into the trap 7 knock it out 8 put the biotoxin or narcotics into the theri’s (Therizinosaurs’s) inventory and put in the berries or kibble 9 wait in the area and check the torpor a lot because theris (Therizinosaurs) have very high torpor drain 10 You have tamed it enjoy your theri (Therizinosaurs)

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