Playing SP. Found a "safe" place to build on the beach. But holy hell... smack dab next to a theri spawn point. Kill one, and the next day there are two more and an alpha raptor. >.< Was always a little scared of bigger dinos cause I'm solo. Then I learned the subtle art of taming pens. I have one in either side of my base and in one weekend picked up 6 of them. Ruth, Beator, Ginsbird, Prism, Squirrel (only one who glitched and escaped the pen) and Steve. I use a 3x3 stone foundations. For walls go two high and use stone doorframes. On one side put a dino gate (stone/reinforced). For the ramp, i used wood. You may need a pilar underneath if your ground is uneven. Therizinos can damage stone so knock it out as fast as you can. There torpor drains fast so have plenty of narcotics with you. I used vegetables to tane mine. Also, they can gain tones of levels through harvesting. If you need the wood and the theri isn't the best level. No problem. Just tame it as best you can and head for a stand of trees.

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