How to tame, this is a lot easier than most people say it is. The moment you get narcotic arrows you can tame this guy. Step 1: get a strong tame like a trike as long as it has a good health and you can shoot off it. Step 2: Level up it’s health by a lot you will need this in order to tame a Thereizinosaurus. Step 3: get a lot of narcotics and narcotic arrows so the taming process is not hard. Step 4: find a thereizinosaurus and clear the area so no raptors or carnos will get in the way. Step 5: saddle up your Dino and ride over to it. Now the process begins, once your in range pull out your bow and start shooting. Once you hit it will agro on you and start running to you but just keep shooting. Once the thereizinosaurus is within melee range it will start attacking. You need to stand you ground and continue shooting. If you Dino has a lot of health it won’t be a problem. Eventually it will run away from you now you chase it down shooting it until it’s knocked out. Then enjoy taming.

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