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For those who don’t want to make a trap cuz it requires a lot of resources and your just lazy. Get about 20 to 30 tranq arrows and a crossbow, find a Theri, find a cliff to stand on that the theri can’t climb over (it’s very hard to find a good rock formation, they can climb over most of them so if you have a flying creature to ride then it might work out if u find a tall rock) shoot theri but don’t chase it until ur sure it’s running from you cuz it’s probably trying to find a way to get at u, then once it’s knocked out have at least 100 bio toxin for it and some mejos and build some spike walls around it so no carnivore eat the theri. It will take a while but you should be able to tame it if you follow these steps, and make sure u let the theri heal after it’s tamed, it could run into something on the way back, every single health point makes a difference.

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