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Hate these things.

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Hate these things. I had just gone back into the game, and I forgot that my otter always spawns off my shoulders when I go back in. So I hopped on my raptor and sped along, forgetting that my otter couldn’t keep up. So after a little bit, I realized he was no longer with me. I turned around and started running, when I saw a Therizinosaurus. I ran past him, but he decided he had a bone to pick with me, he pursued me and just as I was about to outrun him, a raptor came out of nowhere and jumped me. My raptor killed him easily, but the theri was right behind us. He tore apart my raptor instantly, so I turned and fled, only to see my otter Tiny running towards me. You can guess what happened next. So I respawned and took all my games with me, including my rex and my bronto, and we brutally murdered that Theri. I’ll never forget Tiny. The worst part is I don’t have his implant to revive him.

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