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These dudes are amazing tames cause while slow at first they can get pretty fast with only a few levels pumped into speed. They can cling to surfaces and allow you to snipe things from a tree. They can carry three people and if solo you can whistle it to follow you and switch seats and it will hover in the air while you shoot the creatures below.(if you have them whistled to be stopped they will land though) if they run low on stamina unlike other flyers you don't have to land just switch seats for a bit and keep going. They are one of the safest ways to take out powerful creatures too. Their saddle is also gotten pretty early so you can ride them in about mid game. And finally they are a good way to tame a quetzal. Overall an amazing tame absolutely would recommend. Their only problem is their hard to find and if it sees you it will fly off to high heaven and you'll never see it again.

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