I have a Stegosaurus.

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I have a Stegosaurus. A fully mutated one, too. Her name is Juliette. Half of her is red, while the other is blue. Before the TLC, she was already a beast. She dealt 930 damage with just one swing of her tail. Now, with the TLC, she is even better. She not only looks better, but she does even more damage with the impaling ability; almost 1800 per tick. Her regular tail swing still does 930, though. I have yet to mutated a Mammoth, pre TLC or post TLC. I will update on the Mammoth when I do get it. Currently, I am on an ARK hiatus, letting myself take a break until I get interested again. Until I do get a fully mutated Mammoth, see you around.

This is Hades, signing off.

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