Let me tell you the tale of Sobek, not only in Ark, but in…

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Let me tell you the tale of Sobek, not only in Ark, but in a story I have been writing since November of last year.

(I have to do the other one in a separate tip)

(Ark Sobek) One day earlier this year, I began to create fully mutated creatures. I have just finished Sabertooth Cats, and with this new power, I thought the possibilities were endless. I decided to move on to Spinosaurus, my favorite dinosaur in game and, at the time, in real life. (Allo is now my irl favorite dinosaur.) Out of all the colors I wanted to put on a Spino, I chose the colors from Jurassic World the Game's level 40 Spino. After many days, I finally got him. Sobek. He was a beast, too. Even though he only had one good mutation, a health mutation, he had over 50,000 health and was dealing 1500 regular damage with his claws, and almost 2000 when hydrated. In present day, I lost Sobek to some glitch that wiped my character who owned him. However, just last week, he was reborn.

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