Here is the other Sobek from my story.

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Here is the other Sobek from my story.

In my personal fanfiction (not really, More like the ultimate crossover) "When Worlds Collide," Sobek is a main character. He is the second in command to Rexy (from Jurassic World, but he is a male), one of the "big five" characters in my story. (the other four are Twilight Sparkle, Optimus Prime, Venom, and Godzilla.) After the extinction of the dinosaurs, which all the dino characters witnessed on a fictional island, Sobek and friends are resurrected to the present of 2016. From there, he goes on to be one of the main stays of my story, which he falls in love with Twilight, and even has a kid with her (not in that way, of course.) However, this Sobek is not based off of ARK's Spino, but from real life.

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