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Last night I found a decent level on my solo game (female spino) and I said : why not?

Took my rex and killed the spino and take her implant. A bit later I ressurect her with revival platform that I made up,I put 6 gates near the platform. Sadly she glitched out from those gates right into my base,killing my horse and diplocaulus. I left the game,and came back,I was so happy that the game did not saved in that moment and all this bad thing did not happened.I ressurect her again a bit later. And again, she glitched out and ran onto my spike walls and died. I left the game again ,didnt saved at that point. I ressurect her again and BOOM. This time i got my first spino. I colored her in full white.Also she have red eyes. I named get Naga.

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