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Want to tame a super dimetrodon? Read on! Before we get to it, you're gonna want to prepare these things:


5/ 10: Intermediate


-Taming weapon and ammo (Bow (Tranq arrows), Crossbow (Tranq arrows), Longneck rifle (Tranq/ Shocking tranq darts)

-Taming food (Meat (I prefer raw over fish) / Mutton, Kibble)

-Biotoxin/ Narcotics

Now that you have what you need, let's get taming!

For this dino, there are 2 methods (Honest). Here they are:

METHOD 1: The Trap

The usual. 2x2 stone trap (4 stone floors, 16 stone walls and 4-6 ramps), cost efficient and simple. Lead the spino into the trap and tranq it down. When taming, make sure to watch its torpor as it drains quite fast!

METHOD 2: Trapless

Very easy to perform. Find a spino and tranq it down, and chase it when it runs (Do note the spino is EXTREMELY fast). Also clear the area of nasties (I lost my spino to a Therizino), they like to aggro on everything. Now repeat the taming process and welcome your new spino to your family!

Now, onto the features of the Spino:


Spinos are glass cannons, typically having lesser health but more damage than a Rex. They have 2 stances -- The 4-legged and 2-legged stances. The 4-legged stance has a high attack rate but lesser damage, and vice versa for the 2-legged stance. They also have a Hydrophobic Boost, which boosts their stats when they enter a body of water. This increases their movement speed, damage and damage resistance.

That's pretty much it for the Spino! Thanks for your time and check out my other tips!

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-Your average ARK Mobile player ;)

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