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Are you considering taming a fish-eating apex predator of the amphibious (but mostly land) variety? Who am I kidding, you probably are! But for starters; in this tip is what I would recommend bringing or using! You, however can tame this beast in whatever way you think will work! However it’s also good to know what your getting into, now let’s get started! Let’s start with supplies!; Since we are dealing with a apex predator, Be sure to consider packing flak armor sets! As this is the best, cheapest armor to make! Next on the shopping list is the narcotics! When taming this beast it’s best to know that it’s torpor goes down exeedingly quick so I would suggest about 100 / 200 biotoxin to keep it asleep, next be sure to pack taming supplies! I would suggest packing kibble, It likes superior kibble I’m pretty sure, (be sure to check as I might be wrong!) if you don’t have access to kibble, the next step down will be prime fish meat! Also i suggest bringing a fast flying tame, why? For its size, do NOT underestimate its speed, it uses it to eithor run you down or, in this case run away! Now there is two stances the spinosaurus will use! The primary stance it most commonly uses

Is it’s quad-pedal stance, it will stand on all 4s and grants it with a very quick way of getting somewhere, it’s downside is it’s maneuverability to turn! It’s other stance is Bi-pedal, this stance is used primarily by the spino for a damage boost and maneuvering, it’s downside however is it moves way slower than quad pedal, quad pedal doesn’t do nearly as much damage as bipedal! I suggest using bear traps, as the net gun won’t bring this apex predator down, (chain bolas work too!) also consider bringing about 100 tranq arrows or more cut that in half will be the amount of darts you will need,! Taming is similar to that of the most renowned apex predator of the ark commonly known as the giganotasaurus! The spinos torpor goes down half of a 1/3s of that of a gigas! Taming might take a while depending on what you are useing! You now have yourself the fish eating apex predator known as the spino! A very quick and great battle mount in diffrent stances! Also makes a decent bossbattle creature! Hope this helped, and as always happy taming, and take care! :D

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