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What confuses me is that people choose this for a power mount, specifically for the purpose of having a power mount. Guys, these are WAY faster than carnos or allos, and they regain their stamina faster, AND the water buff makes them utilize their stamina more. So you also have a speed/scout! Put that together with lightning fast dps, large size, sort of good hp(it’s a lot of hit points, but compared to other creatures the same size, it’s pretty fragile) you have the IDEAL tame.

Oh, did I mention that they swim?

AND they regain stam almost instantly when swimming?


We can’t forget the rex vs spino part of the tip:

You’re looking at an even match here, I’d say. One on one, your level one spino will beat your level one Rex, but you’re not necessarily getting one of them specifically for beating the other one, if that makes sense.

Spinos are MUCH quicker, and have a considerable edge on the damage output, but they’re not made for the beating that a Rex can take. If you’re looking at going to battle, it makes sense to choose a rex… much more health, and has a poop roar, which can be useful against smaller creatures.

Spinos are good for travel, and guerrilla tactics.

The only things that can easily catch up with one are pteros and gallies(to be honest, who is going to chase a spino with a gally…).

Quick, good swimmers, great damage, but low compared to Rex.

I have both, and I’m just being honest when I say I prefer the spino, mainly because it’s way more fun to ride, and because it’s faster and more powerful damage-wise. I still love my Rex though.

Note: tamed rexes are actually quite fast.

Another note: spinos are disliked for their turning radius, but in bipedal mode, they have virtually no turning radius, instead turning with the screen like a human or gigantopithecus.

Thanks for reading! I hope this helped

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