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Spinos are not only my favorite dinosaur irl, but they are my favorite mount in the game. They are agile for their size, deal tons of damage (especially when bipedal), and are so fast. If your Spino just stand in a puddle of water, it will get the hydration buff, which increases its damage by 15 percent, movement speed by 20 percent, and health regeneration by 25 percent. In the wild, they are extremely dangerous, aggroing on almost everything. However, when low on health, they will run away from a fight as a last-ditch effort to survive. Overall, even though there are faster creatures (Direwolf), creatures with more health or damage (Rex or Giga) and better creatures for diving the ocean depths (Tuso), they are the most well rounded creature to have - especially when mutated. My mutated Spino only has one useful mutation, a health mutation, but I pumped his damage so high, he is dealing over 1500 damage. I highly recommend the Spino to every survivor. It is so worth it.

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