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Let me settle an argument about Rex vs spino

First, for overall supreme goodness as a giant carnivore, spino comes on top. First, it can change stance. 4 legs means huge turn radius, but in that stance it outruns everything. I ran down gallis and pts, trust me. In 2 legs mode, the spino has an unrivaled DPS and also turns ON SPOT, getting rid of annoying dimorphs. If that wasn’t enough, the spino has low stam consumption, and can even recover it in water.

But Rexes have advantages too. First, it has almost twice the health of the same level spino. Also, Rex spawns are bigger. That means that high levels are easiER to find. Easier, that means comparably. Like for example 8 hours for a 120+ Rex and eternity for a 120+ spino. Rexes are cooler, and they are easier to tame, with low torpor rates and usually no narc wasted. They are generally much better boss Dinos, but unridden spinos only use 4 leg mode, which makes them squishy.

Conclusion: Rexes for army and bosses, spino for mount and overall goody creature. Both are good, and please, PLEASE try out both, along with hundreds of others of unappreciated carnivores along with the spino.

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