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Ok I’m here to settle the argument over who will win the spino or the Rex irl well sorry spino fans but the Rex would win and I’m actually a spino fan so don’t say I’m just saying this probably because I’m a Rex fan because I’m not I love the spino way more but the reason the spino would lose on land is because it is just built for catching fish and the rex is ment for hunting on land also the rex probably had the second strongest jaw strength in the world behind the megalodon and the spino didn’t need that level of jaw strength for catching fish so it didn’t and the spino is actually lighter than the rex giving the rex another advantage against the spino. Another advantage the rex has is its bulky structure so the spino could do not that much agenst the rex on land except draw a bit of blood and scratch it it won’t even have the opertunety of delivering a fateal blow since it weighed less and the only place it could do a good amount of harm to the rex is the neck and head but that’s where you would want to stay away from. But to make you spino fan more happy the battle would be more neck and neck near water this is A.L.N.A and until next time enjoy the game :)

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