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How to Tame the Spinosaur on Mobile:

The Spino you want to tame must be between levels 1 - 150.

1 - 2 Argentavis Kibble (1 Argy Egg, 1 Citronal, 1 Prime Meat Jerky, 2 Mejoberries, 3 Fiber, 1 Water)

1 Soothing Balm (Normal)

3 x 3 Trap

20 - 30 Tranq Darts

How to get Argentavis Kibble and Soothing Balm:

To get Argentavis Kibble, you need an egg. Luckily, at this point of the game, you should have a lot of Argentavis. If you don’t have them, search the mountains. The egg is fairly common. For soothing balm, farm The Cave in The South.

How to trap:

You may have a prebuilt taming pen. If not, build one, preferably out of stone although it is expensive. Make sure the trap is 3 x 3 and you have your dinos away from it. Use a flyer to lead it in, preferably the Quetzal or the Pteranodon. The Quetzal can tank hits and can almost out-fly a Spino, and the Pteranodon is just too fast for it.

How to knockout:

Have your dinos away, then shoot it. Make sure the next shot won’t be delayed for long.

How to tame:

Get your balm and kibble and tame it. Self-explanatory.

Hit the arrow pointing to the sky if this helped with taming!

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