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On mobile, when I was new and low level but wanted to tame spinos - I used to bring in some life bait to the spinos to distract it from attacking me (tamed carbos and parasaurs with high health, around 800 or 1200) or let it aggro a wild Dino for a bit, and when it focuses on the Dino bait, I hop to a safe distance and tranq it until it was knocked out. It took me at least 10-30 tranq arrows.

I just give it raw fish, and when taming it took too much time and the torpor bar starts draining fast I give it some narcotics or bio toxin I get from killing nearby cnidarias (at least 60 narcotics or 30+ bio toxins) then just wait.

Kept doing it until I have like 4 spinos run after runs.

The spinos often spawn on the coasts and beaches in the footpaw region which is where I usually found them. Sometimes they do spawn in the river near the volcano and the waterfall and rivers in the redwood forest.

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