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I have two ways you can use to tame tame this. One for lower levels and one for higher levels.

First what you need (based of my experience)

About 30 tranq darts (you might need more or lees depending on wich method you use (etc))

About 30 narotics

A lot of fish meat (or prime fish meat) (or kibble)

And some bio toxin

1st : the easy way. This way dosen’t require dying all the time but you can only do it if you have large bear traps. What you do is you put the bear traps a bit away for each other in a line and run up to it and then to the traps. Then shoot it with tranq darts. If you don’t knock it out let it chase you to the next bear trap and tranq it again. It took me about 30 tranq darts (I missed some). Then feed it prime fish meat (or normal but normal takes longer) or you can do it the 2nd way

2nd way; This is for lower levels who have a bow and tranq arrows but not a bear trap. What you do is :

.shoot from distance with tranq arrows and run and shoot. If you die go back and continue shooting and running. When you knock it out put fish meat in it’s inventory (might take a while) and don’t forget the narotics!.


I recommend you use bio toxin.


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