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I am a noob just started the game a week ago, I was super into spino. As one killed me the first day. I am level 27 and tamed one, can't ride it but still looks so cool.

This is how , first you need butt load of stones, wood and thatch. Like 2700 stone, 1600 wood, 1000 thatch. I made 9 stone foundations in 3×3, then put door frames around it and make it 3 door frames high so it can't climb it , put stone stare case from the side spino is closest to, put pillars under it to support. You are 1/4 way there. Get Tranq arrows( depending upon level of dino)and a crossbow. I shot it once and it caught and killed me, i got back and he was still there so i did it all again and got him in , tranq him till he feel asleep, used fish meat and bio toxin and there you go now you have a spino , go wild

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