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Here is how to tame a spino!


Trap 1

9 stone foundations

36 stone doorframes

9 wooden ramps

Trap 2:

6 Dino doorframes and 1-2 large bear traps.

Use Dododex to find out how many tranq dart/arrows and bring 50 to 100 more.

Cryo a good herbivore/prepare TONS of narc berries because they wake up insanely fast


1.Have a flyer that can actually carry the trap if u use the first.

2.Find a high lv spino

3.lead it into the trap and if it’s trap 2 quickly put the 1 gate left similar to Rex trap.

4.Shoot a bunch of tranq into its face/body

5.Put food that’s at least better than prime. I suggest prime fish or kibble

6. Starve your tame and use the bed trick and shove down hundreds of narcoberries if needed

7. Boom you have a amphibious carnivore!

Advantages over Rex(which you do know how to tame I suppose)

Faster, and stam lasts longer

Has a hydrophilic buff that increases speed stam and dmg

Has way better DPS than Rex

Has incredible knock back that kills Rexes and alpha raptor carnos.

Harvests loads of fish and bio toxin

Hope you enjoy your giant carnivore with a cool look!

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